Saturday, 24 November 2007

Delay in production of Euphorbia World Journals

Dear members,

You may have wondered whether you have missed an issue of the Euphorbia World. You have not. For several reasons we had to accept a delay in the production of the second issue of the journal from June to November. Problems have been solved now and issue 2 is currently in print. You may expect your copy well before the end of the year.

Contents of this issue will be:

- An announcement that the IES has established a seed bank and how to both donate and receive seeds.
- An article on geophytic euphorbias from Chile
- Notes on Euphorbia multiramosa
- A paper on Euphorbia loricata
- Two articles on seed dispersal in Euphorbia species

We are working hard to catch up with issue 3, which is now with the designer, This issue should be printed by January and delivered by February.

If you have changed your address during the last few months please send a message to our Membership Secretary to make sure that the journals sent to you actually reach you.

The editors of the Euphorbia World are interested in receiving papers on your experiences with Euphorbia species in cultivation. Please let others participate in your knowledge. If you have any question regarding authorship please contact the editors.

Good growing

Volker Buddensiek

(Editor of the Euphorbia World)

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