Thursday, 1 November 2007

Welcome Message

Welcome to the International Euphorbia Society blog! The society is now in its third year with a healthy membership level and a high-quality journal, Euphorbia World, full of intersting and thought-provoking articles about plants of the Euphorbiaceae. The journal is gaining a reputation and is a must for anyone interested in these plants.

As any society, it belongs to its members and we wanted to find a way to communicate with members and potential members in a more immediate way, giving you an opportunity to comment and make suggestions. Hence this blog. Please use it to tell us if we are doing things right, or if there is something else you would like us to do or publish.

The second issue of Euphorbia World for 2007 is now at the printers, and the third issue will follow shortly. We also hope to bring you more news soon about the exciting developments with the Euphorbia project of the PBI, and progress towards a new monograph of the genus.

Watch this space and use it to contact us!

Best wishes
Alan Butler
IES Chairman

1 comment:

Claudio Regalino said...

Buon giorno, sono alla ricerca dei semi della pianta dell'amore, l'euphorbia fulgens, potete aiutarmi?
Grazie e buona domenica.
Claudio Regalino
Hello, I am looking for the seeds of love plant, Euphorbia fulgens, can you help?
Thank you and good Sunday.
Claudio Regalino
Crotone - Italia